Stretch Marks: Not Only in Women

A lot of people often mistake stretch marks as something that’s predominant only in women.  However, that is far from the truth.  In fact, even men get to go through this, often leading them to become even more self conscious and embarrassed.  While men are less likely to discuss this matter, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s something they also get toe experience.  For the most part, men start to see stretch marks develop during the phase of puberty.  As young boys, they would start transitioning into their teenage years, which means their skin stretches to accommodate the growth of their bodies.  This is just one of the many causes, though, and many more will be discussed below.

Understanding the Basic Concepts of Stretch Marks

The human skin is composed of several layers, specifically the epidermis and the dermis.  The epidermis is the outer protective layer which acts as a form of defense against contaminants which can do quite a lot of damage to organs.  The dermis, on the other hand, is made of elastin and collagen.  These are two proteins which prove useful in ensuring firmness and flexibility of the skin.  The dermis also has the responsibility of giving the epidermis all the necessary support and nutrients.  When there is a deficiency in elastin and collagen production, the skin will end up looking loose, lumpy and wrinkled.

Causes of Stretch Marks

There are various causes of stretch marks on the body, one of which was already mentioned above.  Below are some other causes.

  • Rapid changes in weight – When a person either gains or loses weight, there are hormonal imbalances taking place.  These hormones are rather alike with fat and cholesterol.  When a person puts on or loses a lot of weight, the skin’s glucocorticoid hormone levels can have a massive influence on its regeneration and growth.  If a person continues eating foods which are high in fat and simple carbs like processed flour, there is a tendency to gain weight rather rapidly.  This is also a result of a lack of proper exercise.
  • Weight lifting – There are certainly a lot of men looking to get huge muscles and look rather macho.  However, this makes their skin susceptible to acquiring stretch marks.  The skin can only accommodate so much growth, and it will be stretched out to a huge extent if huge muscle mass is gained.  Preventing stretch marks during bodybuilding sessions requires proper exercise on every other muscle group in the body instead of utmost concentration on a particular area.  There should also be a consistent plan developed for the gradual building of muscles, instead of rushed workout sessions.  Gaining muscles the right way involves careful planning and scheduling.
Treatments of Stretch Marks
There are a lot of over-the-counter products such as creams and other topical solutions which are effective in preventing and reducing the presence of stretch marks.  However, these may end up being rather expensive, especially if they require consistent use.  Therefore, it would be necessary for an individual to seek out treatments which are fast and long lasting by way of research on the Internet.
Stretch marks aren’t certainly just a woman’s domain.  Since men also experience it, these methods and tips would prove useful in helping them prevent or reduce the possibility of getting more stretch marks on their bodies.

Popular Myths About Cellulite

Many people all over the world have dreaded the condition known only as cellulite.  The saggy, dimpled appearance of the thighs and buttocks has certainly led to a lot of frustration among folks as far back as anyone can remember.  It’s something they associate with physical ugliness, and would rather be without it.  However, this can be a rather unavoidable condition, especially when it’s caused by bacterial infections found in the skin’s subcutaneous layers.  It would lead to the skin looking so dimpled, others have described as “cotton cheese on legs.”  It is the women who would commonly be victims of this.  However, there are a few myths surrounding cellulite which have caused confusion among people.

1. Cellulite is a disease.  Truth be told, it is far from a disease.  It’s actually just an alteration of the appearance of one’s skin.  Both the epidermis and dermis, the two protective layers of skin on the human body, cover the subcutaneous layers of fat, which may often become irregular and uneven, causing those massive dimples which women dread a whole lot.

2. Cellulite is a disease that only women experience and not men.  While it is most apparent in women, men can also experience this condition.  The male subcutaneous layers are far more different than those of women’s, since their dermis and epidermis tissues are far thicker.  Yet, they are not exempt from the growth of cellulite, despite what many people claim.  It is less evident, but it is certainly there.

3.  Massage and Body Manipulation do well in the reduction of cellulite.  As a matter of fact, these techniques can do nothing to eliminate the presence of cellulite permanently.  They can, however, reduce the dimpling which many people dread having on their thighs and buttocks.  Manipulating the skin in this manner can improve the appearance of skin on those areas.  Some oils can be used to further the effect, such as lavender or peppermint oils.  These oils can enhance the stimulation of fat cells found in the subcutaneous layers.

4. Cellulite is something which comes naturally when a person ages.  This is far from the truth.  The cell structure of the human body has already been laid down as early as puberty, and will reach the optimum thickness upon reaching the age of 30.  A few more years after that, then the dermis area will start to become looser.  This is because of the lessened production of collagen.  There would also be aging on the elastic fibers of the skin which contributes to the saggy appearance of thighs and buttocks.  The result is a protrusion of adipose cells, which would then make the cellulite more apparent to the naked eye.  Aside from that, the lack of exercise and improper diet can contribute to cellulite growing more visible.

5. Cellulite can be reduced with fasting.  Even f a person decides to eat less, there’s absolutely no way that cellulite will be removed permanently.  The fatty tissues around the thighs won’t dissolve despite shedding some extra weight off the body.

These are the common myths surrounding cellulite.  Now that these have been straightened out, people can now do away with false hopes regarding this skin condition.

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How to Enjoy an Acne-Free Skin

Many teenagers always wish that they could get rid of acne once and for all. No matter how ideal this may be, it will be near impossible to do so. If you are a teenager, it is more likely that you will experience acne sooner or later. Even those who are gifted with skin that is not that sensitive can acquire acne, how much more to those with normal and susceptible skin?

The problem with acne may seem to be inevitable but with much care, one can lessen its effect. This article will show readers some of the simple ways on how to get rid of acne and have an acne-free skin most of the time.

Drink a Lot of Water

Keeping the skin hydrated is tantamount on keeping the skin healthy. There are many reasons why the hydration of the skin is essential to its over-all health. For example, the skin will always need water to moisturize. Without such, the skin will go dry and will start to have diverse skin problems including acne. Another reason why drinking a lot of water can keep the skin healthy is by the reason of the fact that water can help people get rid of the toxins inside the system.

Daily Dose of Vitamins

It is wise to take some vitamins daily to supplement water intake. There are vitamins intended for beautiful skin so this should be the goal to add to the everyday habit. Vitamins cannot only make the skin healthy, it can also help prevent problems from occurring.

Twice-a-Day Face Washing

Every day, the face is exposed to all the harmful elements scattered in the air, most especially in polluted areas. These harmful elements can cause damage is not washed away. However, single washing of the face per day will not be enough. It is highly recommended to wash the face at least two times in a day. Take note however that it is best to use a mild soap or a facial wash intended for skin moisture.

Never Pop Pimples

When acne is on an area where it is really visible and therefore embarrassing, the tendency of teenagers is to get rid of it fast by pricking it or popping it. Remember that this does not solve the problem. In fact, by popping the pimple, it will also aggravate the situation.

Let the acne die its natural death but if you want to kill it fast, then use solutions for it. Just remember that no matter how strong the temptation can be, it is always best not to prick it.

The four things listed in this article is not even half of the practical things that you can do in order to have an acne-free skin. There are many other ways of course but these four items will be sufficient enough to attain a beautiful skin.

As long as you know how to deal with it by religiously applying whatever you have learned here, then you can in no time enjoy the beauty of a flawless skin.


Stretch Marks: What You Should Consider for Treatment

Both genders have long asked for ways on treating stretch marks, there are natural, surgical and even topical methods in doing so. So what’s your best bet when it comes to treatment? You can think about the following and find which method works best for you. Not to worry though, as we mention each possible treatment comes along all the information we know about them.

Natural Methods

  • A Healthy Diet and Exercise.  First in line is the best one around, just by living healthy can give you several benefits and one of them is reducing stretch marks. Hydrating your skin and supplying it with tons of nutrients from what you eat is very important to keep in mind. So drink a lot of water to prevent your skin from drying out and making those scars noticeable, hydrating your skin properly will give your skin enough elasticity and a firmer look.

This will also prevent stretch marks from forming in time, which means long lasting results is obtained from this sort of treatment. Be sure to include carrots, fruits and other healthy foods that are rich in vitamins A and C.

Also food that has loads of zinc and protein, like milk, fish and eggs – by eating a well balanced diet and joining it with exercise you’ll be able to not only remove but also avoid the formation of these marks.

  • Wheat Germ Oil. This isn’t the type of treatment you just apply on your skin to see results, wheat germ oil can actually be consumed on a daily basis too. This provides essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E, two tablespoons is enough for a day. If you ever want to use wheat germ oil for massaging, you should mix it with massage oil with 9 parts of it and a single part of wheat germ oil.

Laser Treatment

A method that bears great results but the cost for such greatness is just as grand, treating stretch marks via laser removal is expensive nevertheless. The world of today can provide us with vast things, such as this method that can even remove a complex or severe case of scaring. It smoothens and lessens skin discoloration which is why it’s so successful when it comes to skin complications. It may cause slight pain to some individuals but it only takes days for it to get better and give positive outcomes

Though there are some who can’t undergo laser treatment due to certain medical conditions, this is usually ideal to most folks. There are a number of times a person needs to go back to the specialist to keep watch of your results and advise you of important things to remember concerning your scars.

Knowing which one of these methods is the right one for you mostly relies on you and of course your doctor, this is important especially if you’re considering laser treatment and have a certain medical condition.

Cellulites: The Real Cause of Their Formation

There have been several arguments on the causes of cellulites. When you compare men and women, a large number of women have issues with cellulites. Men can have but not as to the extent that are too many than in women. One of the main causes of this skin problem is the hormone, estrogen.

Estrogen is high in women and with those who have excess estrogen can be battling with extreme cellulite problem. A lot of people may blame cellulites on fats. There are even skinny people and people who seldom eat fats who have cellulites. Proper understanding of cellulites and the real causes behind it can help you in  getting the best treatment and proper prevention.

Estrogen Is The Culprit For Cellulites

Estrogen is a normal substance in women that is responsible for physical and emotional characteristics. Without estrogen, you would be abnormal. A person may have different levels of estrogen in the body. Some may have few and are battling with infertility, diminished sex characteristics, anovulation, etc. It’s not good so you don’t want it.

The Link of Estrogen and Cellulites

Normal levels of estrogen is good and can bring on few cellulites. Estrogen aids in the formation of cellulites by affecting the connective tissues that support the skin. The connective tissues break away giving room for fats to occupy the spaces.

Due to the weakened skin layer, the visibility of fats on the surface create fatty lobules, dimpling and orange color on the skin. People with hormonal imbalance, like having excessive estrogen, can suffer from several cellulites over the body. Girls who are entering their adolescent age begin to have cellulites due to the gradual increase of estrogen in the body causing changes related to growth.

What You Can Do To Deal With Hormones

Since you now know that hormones are the main cause, you may be thinking you can’t do anything about it. Well, when you’re experiencing hormonal imbalance, hormonal supplements or suppressants can be taken to control your body from secreting too much estrogen.

This can be done with your doctor’s recommendation since there are still several things to consider. For those women who have few cellulites, several creams and treatments can be used to cover them. After all, it’s normal for women to have cellulites. If you’re really bothered by it, cosmetic treatments can deal with them.

Diet, exercise, drinking lots of water can help but not to the extent that can totally stop them from forming. However, when you’re living a healthy lifestyle, you can control your hormones to a good level preventing their surge.

Don’t be jealous of models or celebrities on page looking to be perfectly beautiful with flawless skin. Believe it or not, they do have cellulites. Make-ups and photo editing are done to make them extremely perfect on covers. There are available treatments that can minimize they appearance. Over time, when cellulites disturb you, you can always have them seen and get treated.

Acne Facts and Myths

If you are a teenager, you have more chances of having acne. However, adults are not exempted from having the red lumps that grow on your face and even on chest and back. However, growing pimples is a part of every person’s life.

The Unsightly Acne

Looking at the mirror you may notice pimples covering most of your face. Some of which may be filled with pus and blackheads. They can get infected, swell and redden. The vesicle may rupture and leave you with acne marks and discoloration.

How Acne Develops

Acne may appear in different forms of bumps such as blackheads, whiteheads, pustules (pus-filled nodules) and red nodes. What are the causes of acne? This may be due to the infection of tiny holes called pores that starts from the follicles. These pores contain oil glands or sebaceous glands that produce sebum, an oil which moistens the skin and hair. The pores may get infected when bacteria start to grow. Dead cells, debris and other germs may clog up pores and cause pimple-growth.

Different Types of Pimples

When a pore clogs up, it may close and eventually bulge out forming a whitehead. If it stays open, your skin’s surface may darken and this is called a blackhead. If the walls open and break, bacteria may grow and cause a reddish infected pimple. They may develop into bigger bumps called cysts.

Popping Pimples

Do you still remember when you had your first pimple?  Your brother, sister or friends may advice you to pop it assuring you they heal faster. There are just some practices that may worsen acne more than they can help. Popping a pimple may cause infection and may lead to a cystic type of acne which may cause scars and pigmentations.

Stress Worsens Acne

You may believe that stress is brought about by stress. You may be preoccupied with your responsibilities in school, at home or at work that you believe they are factors to the acne all over your face. This is a truth. Being under stress for long periods may cause the surge of hormones that increase acne growth. Your oil production may also increase which can even worsen acne.

Staying Under the Sun

Tanning is one of the options that you may want to take to treat acne. However, the sun’s  rays do not totally eliminate pimples rather it conceals them by giving your skin a darker color. When the tan fades out you will begin to notice the zits are more noticeable. Stay protected from UV rays because they may worsen the pigmentation caused by acne.

Washing the Face Frequently

Maybe you are thinking that washing your face frequently may lessen pimples. The truth is over washing of the face may cause dryness and irritation. These may increase your risk of having more zits on your face. Use a gentle cleanser to remove cell debris and bacteria and to prevent clogged up pores

There are many myths about acne. You must know how to take care of your skin in order to prevent your skin condition to worsen. Identify and sort out the facts from the myths.